I am a frugal person. With highs and lows I have been always frugal.
I respect money and I respect me and my time spent to earn money.
Actually, being frugal to me also means that I’ve always had a frugal lifestyle … ways below the lifestyle that my income allows.
I hate debts, in fact the only debts that I’ve ever had were mortgages for buying a house. But I hated mortgages so much that I’ve done everything possible to pay them off asap.
This was possible because I’m a frugal person.

Lesson #1 : Don’t make debts! Earn money first and then buy things when you have enough money. Try not to buy and pay later or with credit cards, even when they offer you 0% interest.

Lesson #2: Debts suck, pay your debts first! Mortgages, school loans, car loans, …. do your best to pay them off first (not always). It’s a priority. Doing nothing to close your debts asap prevents you to be wealthy.

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