Peer-to-peer (P2P) technology is revolutionizing connectivity by enabling direct communication and resource sharing between individuals, without the need for intermediaries. Unlike centralized systems, P2P networks are resilient, scalable, and prioritize privacy and security. From file sharing to decentralized cryptocurrencies, P2P networks empower individuals and challenge traditional paradigms. Despite challenges and misconceptions, embracing decentralization fosters a more inclusive and equitable digital future. Let’s harness the power of peer-to-peer to unlock new possibilities and shape a world where connectivity is a fundamental human right.

Some years ago, I was an investor Smartika in one of the first P2P investing platforms in Europe. Peer-to-peer loans are, in my opinion, very good opportunities either for the investors and for the loaners. After all, it is money subtracted from the grabbing hands of banks and financial institutions.

Since then, many new platforms have been launched and P2P became a popular choice for investors. The risk is high, but returns are also high.

I stumbled upon the Latvian Esketit, they claim on their homepage that they returned a stunning 12.33% interest rate in the past.

Let’s try it!

Here’s a link to Esketit with a nice reward for you (and me) in case you become an investor!

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  1. just went there. how it is possible a 13% average interest rate when the maximum is 12% for Jordan loans?!

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