I decided to invest in ETFs, I spent hours to understand which platform could be ideal for me.

The reliable candidates were:

  • Scalable Capital
  • Interactive Brokers
  • De Giro
  • Trade Republic

I’m based in Germany. Here the taxes for ETF are a bit complex and at the time of writing only Scalable Capital and Trade Republic automatically deduct the taxes for the German Tax Authority. Also they both offer a 4% interest rate on the not invested capital.

I applied for both , unfortunately for unknown reasons Scalable Capital refused my application, the verification process failed(!). Probably they didn’t like my picture in the passport?!

But, nevermind, I’m a happy Trade Republic customer now.
What I like most:

  • user-friendly app,
  • the 4% interest on money not invested,
  • the possibility to invest in stocks and crypto and the
  • free debit card with 1% cashback!
  • no fees on recurring investments on ETF…

What can I ask more?

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